Designed for Human Resource Managers Wanting a Practical Solution for Training Supervisors
Supervisor Training Program in 14 Vital Skills Empowers Supervisors Fast
  • Train Supervisors--New or Old.
  • Reduce "Missteps"
  • Reduce Employee Complaints & Conflicts
  • Do It with PowerPoint, DVD, Video, or Web Course
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"I love the Supervisor Training Courses in 14 Skills! It is comprehensive and will
be a great asset for our managers and supervisors who cannot attend on-site training!"

Eileen Crochiere, President, EAP Network, Inc., Taunton, Massachusetts
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When you complete our form, you will see all 14 skills in the program complete and unabridged. You may pick one of the skills and have us email it to you in PowerPoint at no cost or obligation.
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